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Cycling UK close passes survey

29th June 2018

Close pass

Close pass, by Tejvan Pettinger, Licence CC BY 2.0

A survey for Cycling UK released today shows that 52% of British adults don't know the Highway Code rules for overtaking cyclists.

Eight percent of respondents wrongly thought that the width of a bike's handlebars was enough space to give when passing someone on a bike.

Speaking at the Cycle City Active City conference in Manchester, Jesse Norman, the Minister in the DfT with responsibility for cycling, made a related and coordinated announcement.

Mr Norman said that driving instructors will be offered training to ensure cyclists' safety is at the forefront of their minds when they are teaching. There is funding of £500,000 for that initiative, and it will be delivered by Bikeability.

There's also to be training materials and support for police forces to raise awareness about close passes, and crack down on them

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CWIS consultation

17th March 2018

Bicycle traffic lights, Leeds-Bradford route

Jesse Norman, minister for cycling at the DfT, is asking for ideas to make cycling and walking safer. Probably the DfT should know how to do this already - after all, organisations like British Cycling and Cycling UK have been telling them for years, but unfortunately they haven't been listening. Will the DfT actually act on what they're told? Who knows, but if you have any interest in active travel, you should respond.

Read about the CWIS consultation, and follow the link to the consultation.

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