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Spectator hubs on Stage 3, Tour de France 2014

There are four official spectator hubs/fan parks on Stage 3 of the Tour de France 2014. These are locations along the route of the race where there will be facilities for spectators, including big screens, food and entertainment. Admission is free. 

The official venues are Cambridge spectator hub at Parker's Piece, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and the Tour de France Fan Parks at Green Park and Trafalgar Square.

They are not the only spectator events - others will be put on by local authorities, community groups, and private organisations. 

You can see the locations of the hubs/fan parks on the official Tour interactive map.

Spectator hubs on Stage 3, Tour de France 2014: Parker's Piece, Cambridge

Parker's Piece, Cambridge, venue of spectator hub on Stage 3, TDF 2014

There'll be a spectator hub on Parker's Piece, Cambridge, next to the start on Gonville Place. It'll have a capacity of 10,000, and a 'cycling village' will be put up, with a host of events and sporting activities. The teams will be introduced to the public here.

Cambridge City Council has further details of the Parker's Piece spectator hub. It says the hub will have a big screen, extra cycle parking, and additional toilets. The Big Weekend, an event with music, fireworks, and a French market, takes place on Parker's Piece from Friday 4th July, and will be extended to Monday 7th July for the Tour. 

Spectator hubs on Stage 3, Tour de France 2014: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London

The Olympic Park was at one stage listed as a venue for a Tour de France Fan Park, but then disappeared from the Fan Parks website. Tour de France Fan Parks told Hedgehog Cycling, '[We] believe TfL are still going to be operating something...[but]...it won't be an official Fan Park...' 

The Olympic Park is still listed as an official spectator hub venue in TDF Hub 2014 Ltd's third readiness report.

Spectator hubs on Stage 3, Tour de France 2014: Green Park

The Tour de France Fan Park at Green Park is open from Saturday 5th to Monday 7th July 2014, and is billed as the biggest free cycling festival the UK has ever seen. Although admission is free, they are selling tickets for film screenings in the evenings.

The Fan Parks will all have big screens, food, cycling activities and games, cinema nights, party nights, live music, and celebrity appearances.

Spectator hubs on Stage 3, Tour de France 2014: Trafalgar Square

The Tour de France Fan Park Trafalgar Square page gives few details of what is to happen, other than saying there'll be a big screen.

Note on Fan Park at Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf is also the location of a Tour de France Fan Park, but at the end of the Tour de France - from Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th July 2014, so coinciding with the final four stages, including the big finish on the Champs Elysées on Sunday 27th.