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Tour de France in Trumpington

Stage Three of the 2014 Tour de France, on Monday 7th July 2014, is from Cambridge to London. Trumpington is on the route, just outside Cambridge. The start in Cambridge is a départ fictif, meaning that the riders will travel in procession until just outside Trumpington, where the racing starts.

A guide to Trumpington

Thatched house in Trumpington

Trumpington is a village about 4km south of Cambridge, with a population of 8,034 (2011 census). It is part of the city of Cambridge. 

History of Trumpington

There were Iron Age and Roman settlements here, by a ford of the river Cam, on the road to Grantchester. The area was later inhabited by Anglo-Saxons. In 2012, archaeologists digging in Trumpington Meadows discovered a 'bed burial' from the C7th (650-680). A 16 year old Anglo-Saxon girl had been buried on a wooden bed, with a gold cross (inlaid with garnets) on her chest - an early Christian artefact. She must have belonged to a rich, aristocratic family.

At the time of the Domesday Book (1086), there were 33 peasants living in Trumpington. 

Trumpington was an agricultural village until the C20th. Even then, it retained a connection with agriculture - the Plant Breeding Institute of the University of Cambridge School of Agriculture was based in Anstey Hall, by Maris Lane, Trumpington, from 1955 to 1990. It developed the Maris Piper and Maris Peer potatoes here. 

Notable buildings in Trumpington

One of the notable buildings in Trumpington is the church of St Michael and St Mary, built between 1200 and 1330. Another is Anstey Hall, named after the former owners, the Anstey family, the most famous of whom was writer and poet Christopher Anstey. It's now used for weddings, corporate events, and as a B&B.

Trumpington Hall is a privately owned farming estate.

Byron's Pool, Trumpington

At the confluence of Bourn Brook and the river Cam is Byron's Pool, so named because the poet Lord Byron swam here. This area is now a local nature reserve, and there's a footpath to walk along, where you may see kingfishers and grey wagtails.

Chaucer and Trumpington

Chaucer set The Reeve's Tale in Trumpington. It begins:

At Trumpyngtoun, nat fer fro Cantebrigge

Ther gooth a brook, and over that a brigge

Upon the whiche brook ther stant a melle

And this is verray sooth that I yow telle

Tour de France in Trumpington

Stage 3 of the Tour de France 2014 on 7th July 2014 passes through Trumpington. The stage begins in Cambridge at 12.15 (according to Cambridge City Council, although the Tour's own website says 11.15. We think the Council's timing is correct). The riders will go in procession through the city, before they emerge onto the Trumpington Road. The racing is scheduled to begin at 12.25pm, just 500m before Trumpington. 

The riders will arrive in Trumpington on the A1309. They take a left fork in the village, and leave on the A1301 towards Great Shelford and Saffron Walden. 

On the day of the Tour, there's a Bike Life 2014 event in Trumpington, at Trumpington Pavilion. 'As well as viewing the race whizz through South Cambridgeshire there will be a host of cycling activities including bicycle maintenance from Dr Bike, a pedal powered smoothie maker, bike tryout show, cargo bike racing, vintage cycle display and much more!' It's a free event. See more information, and other events, on the Vélo Festival programme.

Stage 3, Tour de France 2014: the cycle route between Cambridge & Trumpington

All sorts of people ride bikes in Cambridge, so the city is clearly doing something right. Hedgehog Cycling tested out the route between the Trumpington Park & Ride and Cambridge city centre, in both directions. We found that, overall, drivers were more considerate towards cyclists than in many other parts of the country. The route is reasonable, and is good enough to be well-used, but it isn't perfect. 

In Trumpington, it hops between road and pavement more than once. When it's on the pavement, it gives way to side roads (below left). There are some complicated-looking arrangements, where (we think) it's not clear what you're supposed to do (below right).

Cycle route between Trumpington & Cambridge   Junction on Trumpington Rd cycle lane

A bit further on, it gives way to the entrance to a golf course (below left). Close to the University Botanic Garden, there's a stretch where the cycle lane runs immediately next to a line of parked cars, with no gap for drivers to open their car door (below right) - on the face of it, this seems highly dangerous.

Entrance to golf course between Trumpington & Cambridge   Cycle lane by parked cars