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Highway Code Amendments Laid Before Parliament

2nd December 2021

Highway Code
Highway Code

Amendments to the Highway Code include provisions on a Hierachy of Road Users, pedestrian priority at side roads, people riding bikes next to each other, passing distances, and more.

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CCC - Government Plans to Reduce Car Travel Lack Measurable Targets & Credible Policy

27th October 2021

CCC table assessing state of play of UK climate policy
CCC Table 2 - UK Climate Policy State of Play

The Climate Change Committee has published its assessment of the UK government's Net Zero Strategy, including on transport. What are their conclusions?

Read about a CCC - Government Plans to Reduce Car Travel Lack Measurable Targets & Credible Policy.

Walking and Cycling Statistics 2020

23rd September 2021

Cycling and Walking Statistics 2020
Cycling and Walking Statistics 2020

The 2020 Walking and Cycling Statistics have just been published by the DfT.

There was a modest increase in cycle trips and stages, and a big increase in distance cycled.

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IPCC Report 2021

10th August 2021

Ski resort in a warming world
Ski resort in a warming world

Shall we try to make sure Earth remains habitable, or not bother? The IPCC has something to say about it.

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Gear Change One Year On

30th July 2021

Gear Change One Year On
Gear Change One Year On, image by Wheels for Wellbeing/TfL

The DfT's Gear Change One Year On document reaffirms the government's commitment to its cycling and walking policies originally published in Gear Change. It also highlights an increase in active travel funding this year and contains a defence of LTNs.

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DfT July 2021 Announcement

30th July 2021

Highway Code
Highway Code

The DfT today issued a press release about an increase in funding for cycling and walking, as well as polling showing active travel schemes are popular; it also trails changes to the Highway Code.

Read about the DfT's July 2021 Announcement.

Transport Decarbonisation Plan

18th July 2021

Transport Decarbonisation Plan
Transport Decarbonisation Plan

Prepare to be underwhelmed. It's not 100% awful though.

Find out about the DfT's Transport Decarbonisation Plan.

Cycling UK Video

22nd November 2020

Cycling UK have put together a very good video to counter the idea that bike lanes are unpopular, and put forward the benefits of active travel infrastructure. It includes contributions from a number of transport academics.

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Stop selling SUVs - UK Climate Assembly

10th September 2020

Harrogate Tank
Harrogate Tank...helping destroy Earth's habitable climate

Stopping sales of SUVs as soon as possible is one of the top recommendations of the UK Climate Assembly - a group of people from all walks of life who were asked to consider the best ways of reaching net zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

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Gear Change vision for cycling and walking

28th July 2020

Birmingham Blue cycle route
Birmingham Blue cycle route

The government's plans to boost cycling and walking are announced today, with a press release and a document called 'Gear Change, A bold vision for cycling and walking'. Plans include new standards for cycle infrastructure and an inspectorate to enforce them, Active Travel England.

Read about Gear Change vision for cycling and walking.

Grant Shapps announces £250m for pop-up bike lanes

9th May 2020

Temporary bike lane in Melbourne
Temporary bike lane in Melbourne, by Philip Mallis, Licence CC BY-SA 2.0

Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps today announced £250 million for pop-up bike lanes. He promised further money, and measures including a National Cycling Champion.

Read about the Grant Shapps announces £250m for pop-up bike lanes.

London Streetspace plan

6th May 2020

Cycling in London
Cycling in London

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan today announced the capital's Streetspace plan, aimed at accommodating increased walking and cycling as lockdown is lifted and public transport capacity reduced.

Read about the London Streetspace plan.

DfT decarbonising transport consultation

28th March 2020

Bus stop on West Park, Harrogate
Bus stop on West Park, Harrogate

The DfT has started the process of devising a plan to decarbonise transport. Their consultation document accepts that we'll have to use our cars less, and states that public transport and active travel will become the natural first choice for our daily activities. There's still a reluctance to accept reality in some areas of transport decarbonisation, with an insistence on airport expansion.

Read about about DfT transport decarbonisation.

Velo Birmingham refunds

22nd March 2020

Cycle route in Birmingham

Velo Birmingham have told their customers that they are cancelling the cycle sportive event scheduled for 21st June 2020, but keeping all the money. Is there a way of getting your money back?

Read about about Velo Birmingham refunds.

Budget failure on cycling & climate

12th March 2020

Rishi Sunak
Rishi Sunak, by Chris McAndrew, Licence CC BY 3.0, annotated by HedgehogCycling

The Budget presented yesterday by Chancellor Rishi Sunak is a high-carbon splurge on a massive road-building programme, while active travel is totally ignored. As the climate goes haywire, are the Tories the wrong people to be in government?

Read about about the budget failure on cycling & climate.

APPGCW manifesto

13th February 2020

APPGCW manifesto
APPGCW Manifesto

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Cycling and Walking (APPGCW) has launched a manifesto for cycling and walking, setting out the key funding and policy priorities needed to increase active travel.

Read about the APPGCW manifesto.

Johnson re-announces tiny cycling fund

12th February 2020

Birmingham Blue Cycle Route
Birmingham Blue Cycle Route

Boris Johnson yesterday re-announced a tiny cycling fund, with money for infrastructure which amounts to a miserly £1.18 per person per year. He described the fund in a different way, so it wasn't immediately obvious that there was nothing new in what he said.

How do these plans compare with the other parties' pledges on cycling investment? Find out in Johnson re-announces tiny cycling fund.

Sustrans Election Manifesto

14th November 2019

Sustrans sign on Nidd Viaduct
Sustrans path over Nidd Viaduct

Sustrans has produced its own manifesto for the General Election 2019. It is asking all parties to commit to more investment in walking and cycling, as a solution to the climate crisis.

Read about Sustrans Election Manifesto.

Canal Road Greenway & Cycleway, Shipley to Bradford

1st July 2019

Canal Road Cycleway
Canal Road Cycleway

Bradford Council have linked Shipley to Bradford, by adding the Canal Road Cycleway onto the existing Greenway.

The result is a usable route. It's generally safe and convenient. The Cycleway has priority over drives and side roads, except in places where the route designers lost their nerve, and made it give way.

Read about the Canal Road Greenway & Cycleway.

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