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Tour de France in Sheffield

Sheffield Peace Gardens

Stage 2 of the Tour de France 2014 finishes in Sheffield. 250,000 people are expected to watch the race in Sheffield.

Tour de France in Sheffield: route information and maps

The race crosses the boundary into the City of Sheffield at Midhopestones, and it then takes in High Bradfield, Worrall, Oughtibridge, and Grenoside, before heading into the city. 

Where Salt Box Lane, Grenoside, meets the A61 Halifax Road, the race route turns right. The A61 goes under the railway line at Wadsley Bridge, then the riders turn left off it on Herries Road, just before Hillsborough football ground. They go under the railway again near Shirecliffe, then turn right on Shirecliffe Road/Cooks Wood Road, past Parkwood Springs (which is a park with a mountain bike trial, and the - now closed - Ski Centre). They take Burngreave Road to Burngreave, then Gower Street, Savile Street East/Brightside Lane (A6109), the B6082 Holywell Road, before they tackle the Jenkin Road climb. From the top of the climb, the route is via Newman Road, Barrow Road, Meadowhall Road and Meadowhall Way past the Meadowhall Shopping Centre. Finally, the A6178 Sheffield Road/Attercliffe Common takes the riders to the finish line. 

This map from Welcome to Sheffield shows the full route within the city boundaries:

Map of Stage 2, Tour de France 2014, in the City of Sheffield

Wecome to Sheffield have also produced three more maps, showing shorter sections of the route. The first is Midhopestones to Oughtibridge:

Map of Stage 2, Tour de France, Midhopestones to Oughtibridge

There's a map showing the Tour route from Oughtibridge to Savile Street just beyond Burngreave:

Map of Stage 2, Tour de France 2014 in Sheffield, Oughtibridge to Savile Street

The final map is for the section from Savile Street, via the Jenkin Road climb and Meadowhall shopping centre, to the finish line on Attercliffe Common:

Map of Stage 2, Tour de France 2014 in Sheffield, from Savile Street to the finish line on Attercliffe Common

Tour de France in Sheffield: where to watch the race

There are two official spectator hubs in Sheffield - Coronation Park, at the foot of the Côte d' Oughtibridge (Jawbone Hill) climb, and Don Valley Grass Bowl, near the finish line. Entry will be free, and there'll be a big screen with race coverage, entertainment, refreshments, and toilets.

There'll be other spectator venues at High Bradfield, Abbeyfield Park (close to the route on Burngreave Road - see the Oughtibridge to Savile St map above), Wincobank Common (near the Jenkin Road climb), and Meadowhall.

Tour de France in Sheffield: race timings

Mustard Pot, Midhopestones

The Tour de France enters the City of Sheffield where it turns off the A616 at Midhopestones. The publicity caravan should cross the boundary at 1.46pm on Sunday 6th July 2014, with the riders passing that point between 3.20 and 3.46pm. The timings are then:

  • Bradfield: caravan 2.01pm, riders 3.34 to 4.01pm
  • Worrall: caravan 2.07pm, riders 3.39 to 4.07pm
  • Oughtibridge: caravan 2.10pm, riders 3.42 to 4.10pm
  • Grenoside: caravan 2.16pm, riders 3.47 to 4.16pm
  • Jenkin Road: caravan 2.37pm, riders 4.06 to 4.37pm
  • Finish line Attercliffe Common: caravan 2.46pm, riders 4.14 to 4.46pm

See the full timings for Stage 2 of the 2014 Tour de France.

Tour de France in Sheffield: road closures

Roads on the race route in Sheffield will be closed for 10 to 12 hours on race day, approximately 7.30am to 7.30pm. The area near the finish line - Attercliffe Common, and around the Motorpoint Arena - will be closed for around 36 hours. There's a spreadsheet list of road closures produced by Sheffield City Council.

See our road closures page for information about other areas on Stages 1 & 2.

Tour de France in Sheffield: where to stay

Camping will be popular, and often the best way to get close to the action. There are campsites at High Bradfield, as part of the Steel Stage event; and campsites in and around Oughtibridge, near the Côte d' Oughtibridge (Jawbone Hill) climb.

There's space for tents, caravans and motorhomes at the Holiday Inn Royal Victoria near the city centre.

Welcome to Sheffield also has listings of other accommodation, including hotels, B&Bs, self-catering, and campus accommodation. 

Tour de France in Sheffield: events

There are a number of Tour-related events in Sheffield as part of the Yorkshire Festival. These include the Sheffield Steel Peloton, Yorkshire in Yellow at the Millenium Gallery, and the Woolly Bike Trail.

Sheffield Hallam University is organising a series of Tour de France events, including 'Take part in the Bike Race', which will move around various locations in the city and the region in June and July. It's an interactive exhibit in which you can take part in a bike race against others and against the clock.

From 3rd to 6th July 2014 in Sheffield city centre, there'll be a French market, cycling activities, and outdoor cinema.